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Drop In The Bucket

Drop In The Bucket


Drop in the Bucket (Drop) is a Los Angeles based, 501(c)(3) charity
that was formed because we realized the connection between
water, sanitation and educating children as a way to help move
rural communities out of poverty.

Since 2006, Drop has worked with hundreds of villages in East
Africa to drill wells, construct sanitation facilities and introduce
social programs such as Village Savings and Loan Associations,
Girl’s Clubs, Health Clubs, Community Hygiene Promoters, and
Community Sanitation Initiatives.

Drop provides schools and communities with tools they need
to improve child heath, increase school enrollment rates and
promote gender equality. It starts with water and sanitation, but
long-term project sustainability and community empowerment is
the real goal we are working towards.

Utilizing its “boots on the ground” approach, they employ
teams of local field officers and hygiene trainers to engage the
communities and help address the complex issues associated with
the developing world’s water and sanitation crisis, in which 783
million people lack access to safe water, and where one in every
three people lack access to an adequate toilet.