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Harvey and Ubuntu Blox Heading Back to Haiti

Here is the latest post from Harvey Lacey as he prepares to go back to Haiti.  I have to say, Harvey is one of those individuals who does not give up.  He is teaming up with AtRiskChildren in hopes of building a library in Haiti via the of Ubuntu-Blox method.  What Harvey is finding is that it does TAKE A VILLAGE TO BUILD ONE.  He is teaming up with amazing organizations such as At Risk and being funded by the Memnosyne Foundation who has stood by Harvey since day one. Harvey’s Words  It is getting time short time. Monday we found we were funded for an assessment trip to evaluate what we needed to do to initiate and complete a community center/library in Custine with http://atriskchildren.org/ using Ubuntublox.We fly out Monday morning at 7:30 am CST of DFW. A short layover in Florida and then arrive in Haiti about 5 pm EST. We will return on Thanksgiving Day. I will get leftovers for Thanksgiving supper, a very very good thing.It will be a total work trip. The first week will be spent finding materials, tools, vendors, community input, etc and so on in the Custine area. Ideally we will find everything we need close to there.The next four days will be in PAP. I will be staying at Haiti Communitere. Mitch Lown andJohn Kruger of Global Groundwork will arrive in PAP the 17th to work with Haitian welding students on community projects. I hope to spend one day and the evenings sharing the passion of metal work and humanitarian concepts with them.Patti Stouter has worked with a community on the other side of Haiti building with earth bags. She will be going to work with them again in January. They want to learn about Ubuntublox and Patti wants to work with them using Ubuntublox. If the stars align we will also be able to put on a workshop with the leaders of that community at Haiti Communitere. The only thing better than that would be for us at the same time to have a refresher course for the ladies of Cite Soleil that we trained last April.The women of the Wharf Jeremie community there in PAP are what taught me about the strength of the Haitian women. Henry Ronald and the Ucddj Citiizen Unite are wanting to work with us to change the lives of the families of that community with Ubuntublox. What the women of Wharf Jeremie have shown me is the excitement people can experience at the thought of a dream fulfilled with effort instead of one in a kazillion dreams like winning the lottery. We are going to spend some quality time down there with Henry and the community. If I’m lucky we will get some...

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