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Bullying – Stephanie Speaks Out on Radio Series

Stephanie Mann has begun a radio series for her Cause, Safe Kids Now, that will educate and bring individuals and communities together in an effort to help kids feel safe.  She is no doubt building many tribes and is simply asking us to build safe havens for our children.  Remember how well the program Neighborhood Watch went?  So why can’t we do the same things for our children today who are facing so many challenges such as bullying, health issues, violence, and homelessness.  It is not only up to the parents to help their kids feel and be safe, but for us as a COMMUNITY to come together.   Stephanie is a great example of a heretic.  We all have a heretic in us.  Please listen to what Stephanie has to say today during her radio talk and follow her on her site Safe Kids Now where she provides daily updates and advice on how to help keep our kids safe in their neighborhoods, homes, and schools.  ...

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