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GiveLove Begins New Fundraising Effort

For those of you who want to see the epidemic of clean water and our sanitation issues worldwide GO AWAY,  please help GiveLove as it begins a new fundraising campaign.   GiveLove is currently combining forces with Habitat for Humanity and plans to continue more eco sanitation/humanure projects worldwide.  This video gives you a quick view of the work they are doing.   Here is the fundraising campaign information where GiveLove has been chosen to participate in the Startaryot Challenge where they hope to win $75,000.  ...

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Why Ribose for the Corporation?

People often ask: why do we do what we do? At Ribose, our goal is to positively impact society by helping people work together in an effective way. The purpose of any company is to advance goals shared by its members. But these goals need to be aligned with benefits to society, a requirement which is often neglected. As Peter Drucker said, a company exists only to provide value to society.   The reason is obvious. The continued success of any company relies on a healthy customer base and workforce. Pursuing a goal counter to society’s interests threatens a company’s existence, setting it on a path to ruin. Doing good for society actually benefits a company significantly by providing support to its very basis, society itself. Ribose is not a non-profit, but Ribose exists to serve the community. Doing good is our DNA....

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GiveLove Shows Love With Shoes In Haiti

As GiveLove continues it efforts to improve the sanitation issues in Haiti the Cause is also continuing its efforts to help the people of Haiti feel that they are loved and seen.  One of the programs the Cause is very involved with is its Green School Program.   The video attached shows the fun part of the job where GiveLove has the chance to share their love with the children by giving them brand new shoes.  These children are schooled at the Green School at AMURT where GiveLove has created a beautiful example of sustainable sanitation at work in Haiti. Green School Program One of GiveLove’s greatest achievements is its Green School Program. They currently work with primary schools in Port-au-Prince to provide on-site compost centers that eliminate dangerous and polluting pit latrines. GiveLove now provides clean, dignified toilets and hand-washing stations for over 4,000 children. The Green Schools have helped convert the AMURT School from a bare IDP camp to a lush garden. GiveLove has provided free design consulting and technical support to build Green Schools for Architecture for Humanity, AMURT organization, Haiti Partners, and SOPUDEP. Hundreds of visitors representing Clinton Foundation, USAID, Partners in Health, Habitat for Humanity, Architecture for Humanity, and JP/HRO have visited the Green School at AMURT campus to see a beautiful example of sustainable sanitation at work in Haiti.  ...

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