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About Cathy

I See Your Story

I Am A Unifier For Good

From a very early age, I wanted to be a television reporter.  I was fascinated with, and still am, about the storytelling process that goes on between the reporter and those who are being interviewed. Both parties need to work together to get the story out in the most meaningful way to the right audiences.  The Cause and Effect of the storytelling process can be so powerful.  This is why I love public relations. Every day I get the chance to help people tell their stories and share their purpose. You see, we all just want to be seen and we all want to have a purpose in life and make a difference.  My purpose in life and in business is to help others lean into their “why” and share their story in an effort to help them feel seen and heard around their purpose.   The name of my company, Be Cause PR, is three separate words for a reason — we all have a cause that can make a positive effect on our world that needs to be heard and seen.

Why We Do Anything Means Everything

I have coined the phrase, “Purpose Relations Is The New Public Relations” because of my mission to share stories that will bring us together for the purpose of it all. During my career in public relations which has spanned more than 25 years, I have worked with and for mission-driven individuals and organizations. Whether running an entire market analyst relations program on my own for a Fortune 50 company, launching the first voice recognition product that we liken today to Siri or Alexa, a house built out of non-recyclable plastic building blocks that is earthquake and hurricane-resistant, or an award-winning actor sharing how poo is not a bad word, it has always come down to helping my clients tell their story and how they lead their lives with empathy and purpose.  Why we do anything means everything and is what touches people’s hearts to the core.

Why Be Cause PR?

After graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in public relations, I started my PR career in the fast-paced and competitive Silicon Valley where I would launch more than 75 products. After 10 years in the Valley, I took off on my own and started Be Cause PR because I felt that I could make more of a difference working with folks who wanted to lead with their purpose and are mission-driven. When I look back on my track record the thing that remains consistent is how I work with folks who are introducing a “first” in their industry and maybe even the world.  Clients and companies I have teamed up with include Adobe, America’s Cup, Bad Boy, Cisco, Compaq, HP, IBM, LA Gear, No Fear, SGI, Silicon Image, Sun Microsystems, Tibco, Ubuntublox Housing, and Women in Technology International (WITI). I have also worked with public figures including Patricia Arquette, Greg Louganis, and Toni Childs.  Eight start-ups I promoted were acquired by Fortune 20 companies.  All of these companies and individuals were pioneers in what they did, and I was able to distill their essence to the masses.

Areas of Focus

Diversity, equality, mental health, and wellness for people and our planet pretty much sums up what I focus on.  I have a strong background and am fascinated by anything tech, especially in the health space.  I am focusing a lot on what I like to call the mental wellness space and on sustainable approaches that are improving the well-being of our people and the planet.  When I take on a client I naturally lead with public relations, a profession that requires wearing many hats.  I focus on business strategy, branding, event planning, marketing, market analyst relations, press relations, social media strategy, sales, promotion, public speaking, and strategic counsel.  And when I sign on a client it is usually for the long haul.   More than two-thirds of my clients have been my business partners for five years or more.

Let’s Promote Your Purpose

What I do best and love about my job is connecting my clients with the right audiences whether they are the press, potential business partners, or the public at large. The word that best describes me is unifier because when I promote someone or something, my goal is to bring people together. This is what Purpose Relations is all about.  So let’s get you out there and share your story and how you want to make a social impact in this world.


Remember, your voice matters and we need to hear it.