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Will People Want To Purchase A “Share It Forward” Brand?

Posted by on June 10, 2021 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

It has been an interesting exercise to see how a SHARE IT FORWARD campaign will work in retail. I have placed YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign merchandise in a few retail outlets in Redondo Beach and unfortunately the goods are not selling. I talked to a few customers at the outlets and they explained how they would buy something that said I AM ENOUGH because it would help them feel better about themselves. I did not even think of this and of course, get it. This campaign is about helping others feel seen and held. I wonder if YOU ARE ENOUGH is something that can thrive at a time when so many do not see and feel the beauty they have and how they can share it with others as we all strive to heal and feel into our ENOUGHNESS. I am trying to break a pattern here with branding and well, it is going to be a good challenge!

Check out what Marissa of Dive ‘N Surf has to say about how she feels the YOU ARE ENOUGH merchandise will fit well with the company’s purpose.  I believe her generation is going to be the one who really gets what a Share It Forward campaign is all about.

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