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Why I Am Forming a Non-Profit To Give Back With Purpose

Posted by on October 5, 2021 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments


After working on the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign for almost two years, I have decided to form a non-profit called Giving Purpose that will enable and empower individuals and organizations to find ways to give back with purpose.   Running the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign has been an eye and heart-opening experience.  I have had the opportunity to learn more about how people truly care for the well-being of others and how they are willing to pitch in both financially and emotionally if they believe in the brand and the purpose around a cause.  I am calling this SHARING IT FORWARD because one of my goals with this campaign is to get us out of our scarcity society mindset where we have become the consumer versus the citizen.  Many of us are now lacking the sense of self and purpose we want and need and are driven by consuming to feel enough versus just sitting with the amazing souls that we already are.  We have a lot of lost folks out there who are struggling with the I AM NOT ENOUGH mentality and I believe that we, as a society, need to come together and be positive and supportive mirrors for one another.  The YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign is enabling people to do this and is what people consider to be a societal healing campaign at a time where people need to feel that they are not alone when it comes time to feeling enough.


When I started YOU ARE ENOUGH my goal was to get one billboard up that proudly displayed these words in an effort to help people feel that they are seen, held, and worthy. A year later, during a pandemic,  I have raised enough funds to get 11 billboards up in Los Angeles, signed on my first corporate sponsor, Kinecta, and am in the process of finding ways to integrate the campaign into mental health and wellness programs in Los Angeles.  The LOVE is out there and people want to see the campaign billboards placed throughout the country.  People today are yearning to find ways to make a difference and lead with their hearts.  We constantly hear how consumers are more prone to buy from a brand that is purpose-driven.  What I am digging about the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign is how people are not only donating funds to the campaign, but they are also playing an active role by sharing these words via merchandise.  They want people to feel into these words when they wear a campaign hoodie, put a yard sign on their front lawn, or wear one of the wristbands.  This is not an I AM ENOUGH campaign.  This is a WE ARE ENOUGH campaign.

YOU ARE ENOUGH is the flagship campaign under the Giving Purpose umbrella.  I believe that we have a lot of purpose olive branches that are going to grow from the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign.  All in all, Giving Purpose is going to help us find ways to give back to others on a more personal level.  We all just want to be seen and it is my mission to find ways to do this.  As a matter of fact, it is the mission of many to do this.  Leading our lives with purpose is a great way to not only heal ourselves but is also a way to heal others.

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