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Societal Healing Is Needed More Than Ever

Posted by on November 17, 2021 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments



Societal Healing may sound like a woo-woo phrase but in reality, it is what it sounds and looks like it is.   While going through a pandemic, political, social, and climate chaos and unrest, our country is torn apart.  There is so much anger, hatred, fear, and hurt amongst so many Americans and many are feeling less hope and are turning against one another as they try to find ways to cope with the discomfort.  Instead of turning to one another for support, many are turning against one another.  What many of us forget is how we all just want to be seen, loved, and understood.  We all hurt from time to time and have our own stories and journeys. This is one reason I started the campaign, YOU ARE ENOUGH.  After working on this campaign for two years now, which is simply about helping people not feel alone when it comes to feeling worthy, I now see how it is becoming a SOCIETAL HEALING campaign.  Since the campaign is donation-based where people are donating to get billboards that read YOU ARE ENOUGH up across the country, we are building a family that is sharing love and support forward.  This is a SHARE IT FORWARD campaign and is one that everyone, yes, EVERYONE can relate to.  Now is the time to heal our country and as individuals, we can each find ways to share it forward with others whether it is smiling at a stranger, paying for someone’s cup of coffee, volunteering time to help others, or giving a loved one hug to let them know you appreciate them.  The hashtag #weareinthistogether is so timely yet so broken right now.  How can you find a way to bring people together for good?  How can you help others know that they are worthy and loved?   Think about this as you watch our country become more segregated, filled with anger and despair.  Now is the time to be here for one another.  We are all we have.

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