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The Power of PR and the Press – Storytelling Together Is More Meaningful

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As someone who has spent my career in the public relations field, I am so touched by the true power and heart that those in the press have and to those who decide to work with empathy to get a message and story out. Lu Parker, an Emmy award-winning journalist who reports for KTLA news in Los Angeles, covered my YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard campaign and then shared the piece on her Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. This is what being ONE is all about and this is my favorite part of the job.  When a PR person works with the press to get a story out we are a team and we want to do the best job possible telling stories that are factual.  This does not always work and we are getting a big dose of fake news these days.   So what a refreshing experience to have a journalist believe so much in the story that I pitched that she went above and beyond the call of duty and shared from her own personal standpoint as well.  She has a lot more followers than I do and I am sure she knew that she was going to help me as well.   Thank you, Lu for sharing and caring. #luparker #youareenough #connection #community #depression #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #love #youareenoughbillboard



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