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Today, I’m Brave

Posted by on August 7, 2017 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

I am called a “Purpose Entrepreneur” because of how I see purpose in all of us, and how I help individuals and organizations see and act on their purpose for themselves and our world. The other night I was given a big hug of love, strength and bravery when I attended the second annual “Brave Speaker Series” put on by the advertising agency, David&Goliath, founded by David Angelo. During this fundraising event, I not only had the opportunity to listen to individuals share their amazing stories about how they worked through fears and uncertainties by being Brave, but I also got to see in person that what I have been preaching and leading with during my career is how we need more companies to be Corporate Champions. David&Goliath is one of these companies.

When I met David about a year ago, he was just starting the Today, I’m Brave non-profit, a fiscally sponsored non-profit whose mission is to inspire individuals and organizations through Brave initiatives and by sharing Brave stories. He explained to me that the braver we are, the more fear we CAN conquer. And when we conquer fear, we can accomplish anything and create a positive change in the world around us. I smiled and knew we were meant to meet. PURPOSE and BRAVE ON!

The Brave Speaker Series, which was sponsored by purpose-driven companies, was a fundraising event where all proceeds went to the Covenant House California, another non-profit. Yes, I was touched immensely by the speakers and their stories. I was also so inspired by David and his team and the heart and soul they put into this event. Talk about understanding how to inspire employees and create a strong employee engagement program for your company! Yet, most importantly, let’s get back to the Corporate Citizenship aspect here. How many non-profits do you see supporting other non-profits? Amazing! A lot of non-profits, especially the smaller ones, struggle with running the business side of their cause. What I saw at this event was how the causes out there can make even more of an impact if they work with one another.

I could see how proud the D&G staff felt during the event, how the speakers were ready to inspire the audience with their heartfelt stories, how the audience felt and learned about what bravery meant to them, and how the representatives from the Covenant House were touched by being supported by Today, I’m Brave. We all felt the Brave in the house.

This was a purpose-driven event. It also helped the employees at D&G feel more engaged, gave the attendees a chance to see how they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others via their work and their own personal aspirations. We all came together as a tribe for cause and effect. Thank you David and team for showing us how we all can face our fears, empower others to help those who need help while facing difficulty in their lives, and for reminding us that we are all human and need that human connection.

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