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Technology and Medicine Changing The Way We Live

Posted by on February 2, 2017 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

This is just a short piece to show you how the technology and medical fields are combining forces to help us all live better lives.   I have been in touch with, and freelanced with a lot of people and companies in Denver, one of the cities that is home to some of the hottest tech and medical start-ups in the country.   The city is even being touted as the next Silicon Valley.   The reason I am so interested in Denver’s tech start-up scene is due to the fact that the companies there want to combine business with social impact in a BIG way. Everyone I have met there is only looking ahead, especially those in the digital technology medical space.

After working with some folks I decided that I might as well try to create a technology product that would be viable in the health sector.   And guess what, a public relations entrepreneur such as myself was able to do this.  After years of being in PR for world leading PR agencies and Fortune 100 companies, I realized that yes, I also can come up with a product idea and lead a lean team to see if we can get the idea funded.   I have never been on this side of the coin, and to be honest, it is helping me become a better PR entrepreneur.

The company I have started is BabyWeConnect, a start-up that will focus on ways to connect an incubator baby with its parents while it is in the neo natal intensive care unit alone in a plastic box.   We have technology today that can be bought off the shelf that will allow parents to connect with their NICU babies 24/7.   This is so critical for both the parents and the baby.  Without connection early on the baby and the families may suffer what is called ACES, adverse childhood experiences.

We are in the very beginning stages of forming the company and getting our team put together.   The main point I want to make in this post is that we all can make an impact in one way or another in our lives, in our world, and in the lives of others.   Technology is what the consumer breathes minute by minute.   So take some time to think about how you too may be able to create your own idea that involves health and tech.

With the health industry being broken and needing more heart and soul, it would be awesome if you could join the movement in making our world a healthier place for all generations.   We are so connected these days that we are becoming more and more disconnected.   I believe many of us can see how this is turning out to be an epidemic that is growing at a fast pace.  So if we can help that baby in the incubator connect with its parents from breath one, hopefully we will have another individual come into this world knowing what true connection is and can mean for not only itself, but for the world.


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