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Your Bravery Can Be Your Purpose

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You can walk the walk

The other day I had the opportunity to meet an amazing individual by the name of David Angelo who runs the full service agency, .   David started the firm because he too had what I call the “soul hole” that was nagging at him.   He had a super successful career going, was working for the top advertising agencies in the United States, and was well, “kicking butt” for his clients and his employers.   But this was not enough he pointed out.  I explained that I knew exactly what he meant and that this is why I started Be Cause PR.  We both had a sadness and restlessness inside and knew that there had to be something more we could do for others, and most importantly, our souls.   We are people who work from the inside out and we had to find a place, or take that leap of faith and go out on our own so we could show others how yes, we all have that “brave gene” in us.  That brave gene is what enables us to take the lead, find our purpose, and make a difference for cause and effect.

David did this in 1999 when he founded David & Goliath.    At the time, his firm started with one client and a few people with a whole lot of heart. It was built on the simple idea that no challenge is too big, too small or too difficult. This has been the company’s guiding principle since day one. And they haven’t walked away from a challenge since.   I explained to him that he was also helping his clients find their purpose and promote it for the well being of others and our world.

The company’s word and way of working is about being BRAVE and working with its clients to be brave as well.  They believe that being a challenger brand is about a mindset, not a market position. This is the same mindset that drives them to be more observant, innovative and brave. It’s why they dig deeper to find and identify consumer behaviors that others overlook.  They are strategic and creative with ideas that are more compelling and more human.  And of course, they see and feel the purpose of their clients and want to help them get their purpose out to the world.   Their tag is spot on – “Do What You Fear. Watch it Disappear.” 

I write about purpose a lot.   And I believe PURPOSE RELATIONS is the new PR.   When I met David I felt that we were always, and are, making a difference for ourselves and our clients because yes, we are empowering our clients to show their human side to the world.  They are not machines and do not only have to sell the WHAT of their business, initiative, or work of art as I like to say.   If we work with our clients and see their human side we are going to be able to not only reach a broader audience and sell more goods, but will also show everyone that a brand has a purpose, a mind, and a heart.  And if we are brave enough to challenge the status quo by showing that we are brave enough to show how we tick from the inside out,  we are going to reach people in a way that they need so much today.  More than ever we need to hardwire with people and bring them along for the brave and purpose ride.  We are ONE and meant to accomplish good as a tribe.

So if you want to get your brand out there and show the world that you truly care about what you are selling or giving back, bring your brave gene along and go for it.   You have nothing to lose.   Let people see who you are and who you want to be.   I bet this is how Girl Scouts sell so many cookies.   They are brave enough to go up to strangers and ask them to buy cookies for a cause, and yes, stomachs that want some sweets.

Be brave with your business and your life and see how far you go.   I believe it is your purpose in life.   And I know you can tackle this and evolve every day.


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