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We all have an inner storyteller

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Connect With Your Inner Storyteller
Listen to your inner stories
 Story teller
We each have stories to tell. They may be waiting in a place you visit, or even stored in the physical motion of your body. Sometimes they are locked away in our collective experiences, or they might emerge through playful daydreams, or be submerged in our sleeping dreams where a last glimpse of the tale leaves as we wake.
Sometimes our stories come out eloquently and politely, even poetically, and other times they circle like sharks repeating themselves with little intent other than fear or annoyance. There are many ways to tempt your stories to flow, and when you hear that inner voice of your Storyteller, keep her company close, listen and feel the moment with all of your senses and you might find the real treasures in your being.
Go to the edge of your emotions, then come back a bit.
The edge is the place where your emotions are strong. The edge can be where transformation and healing occurs. Be aware and watch for what triggers your strong emotions, pain or feelings that take you to the edge, this might be excitement, happiness or anger, and see those feelings, name them, now come back from them, move away from the edge so you are not entangled or overly persuaded by them. Now write.
In this way your stories, while having the power to touch others in a very personal way, will connect with your emotions, but won’t be weighed down by emotionalism as you’ve moved through the process of understanding what those emotions mean.
Find your antagonist.
A story is more than a beginning, middle and an end. There is a classic story convention that enables the magic of the story to unfold.
Firstly, there is a protagonist, this is the main character or the hero of the story who has a goal or mission to undertake (this might be you).
Then there is an antagonist, this is the trickster of the tale. If you are like me, you are likely to encounter a high number of antagonists across your path each day, they are the annoying obstacles or people in our way that deter us from reaching our goals, they delight in sending us down blind alleys, or into the quick sand. All of these obstacles are important in providing the dramatic action to your story.
In the telling of the tale through this structure, the reader is gripped by wanting to see how “the hero” struggles to overcome obstacles, sharing the wisdom and joy of the lessons they’ve learnt through the experience.
Find the magic in the moment.
In every moment we can be a child again, untouched by our own or others’ judgment. By keeping in-touch with our inner Storyteller we can also be a child in her care. She’ll guide you to the stories that show you the beauty in the moment of now. Trust the Storyteller in you to take you into your own lightness of being where your heart dances across the “now” moments, and connects you with the lightness of your child-like imagination again.
There are many stories worth telling, and our inner Storyteller is a great teacher when we learn to quieten our mind and listen to her tales as she reveals her wisdom.
I hope the stories that knock at my heart, or that circle like persistent sharks in my mind chatter, or even the ones that fall at my feet unexpectedly might be crafted to be of benefit to more than me.
Retrieving the stories that lurk in our psyche, or dance in our imagination have a transformative power, not only for the teller of the tale, but also to those who sit patiently waiting to be touched by the magic of the story as its wisdom unfolds.
Go find your story teller. The world is waiting.

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