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We All Have A Purpose – Shout It Out!

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Follow Your Heart and Share It – You Have Purpose
I know that I have been talking about working with purpose for years now. Carol Cone, who has been appropriately given the title of Mother of Cause Marketing, continues her quest to help companies lead with purpose and now has added a new aspect to her goal by stating that companies need more than ever need to ACT with purpose, not just talk about what they are doing in regards to their philanthropic efforts. They need to show that they are taking action and helping other companies figure out what their purpose is and how they can give back by reaching many audiences for cause and effect.
I believe that companies, especially start-ups, need to know what their purpose is and ACT ON PURPOSE before they even open their doors for business. We read everyday how companies are giving back more than ever to improve their brand and bring in more customers, especially loyal customers. Purpose is all about the bottom line.
My short post is not to preach what so many of us know about including purpose into our business models. My point is to simply state that we all have a purpose. We do not need to rely on our companies to carry the purpose flag. We need to wake up and reach deep inside to better understand what it is we can and want to do to improve our world. Even though we are working for a company that is not purpose driven WE can still make an impact for ourselves, our company, and the world. Be a lynchpin in your organization. Push through old processes and bring up new ones. Build your tribe and find other leaders in your organization. Use your heart and voice. It needs to be heard and seen more than ever.
If we all did this can you imagine what our world would be like? You can help your company ACT ON PURPOSE by being your unique self. You can empower co-workers, the community, and the world with your ideas. Please do not be quiet about how you want to make a difference. I know many people are unhappy with their jobs and scared to speak up and change processes that are not working. You have to wonder why this is the case. Hum. Can it be that employees feel chained to their desks, are in endless meetings that go over checklist items that take forever to complete, and not allowed to share their passion for making a difference for their company with their hearts and minds? I think so. I think so in a big way. Seth Godin was onto this in 1994 when he wrote his book Tribes. And then of course their is Simon Mainwaring who gave his spot on TED Talk about why companies need to lead with their WHY. His awesome example was take a look at two companies and see which one leads with their WHY. Microsoft and Apple. Which company leads with their WHY? Pretty simple.
I started Be Cause PR in 1997 because I had what I called a soul hole that was getting bigger by the day. I was working for amazing companies, thought leaders, and heretics. But as a PR person tends to do, I remained silent as I sat in meeting after meeting that I arranged with the press and analysts. I was miserable and bored. But I did not know why. So I left Corporate America at age 30. I had a great job with a world leading PR agency. I left a good salary and a comfort zone that I thought was what I needed to be successful and happy. I left to find my voice and just did not know it.
Fast forward 19 years. I never looked back. But it took years to figure out why I was so sad. I now get it. I always was an individual who worked with a purpose. No one can ever take this away from me. I wanted to help others see the why behind what my client was promoting and the heart and soul of the company. I am about purpose and you can be as well. If you follow your heart, see things that you can change for the better of mankind, you not only will be happier, but your company will be blessed with someone who will make a difference for them. You are important. Don’t let your company drive purpose alone. Remember, you are the business. And if you have ideas, share them. You are the business! And if you are an entrepreneur like me, believe in yourself and keep trying to take your idea out there in this big world that needs so much help. You might trip and fall at times. But keep believing why you are out there on your own trying to make a difference. You have a purpose.

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