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We All Have A Laughing Warrior Inside Of Us

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I recently completed taking an adult school class called The Laughing Warriorthat was taught by Trish Lay.   The description of the class was simply, if you are in a rut how do you get out of your way?   How many of us ask this daily in our personal and professional lives?   And how many of us know that we may be the ones who are in our own way to such things as empowerment, happiness, success, and most importantly, a sense of self and compassion for ourselves?  After taking this class I gained a new found hope that yes, we do get in our way in regard to how we talk to ourselves, how we set boundaries with other people at home and at work, and how we see ourselves from our own mirrors and mirrors of others, especially in the workplace.   We need to value ourselves first before we can give back.  But today, more and more employees are not provided with the mirrors they need to feel good about themselves and what they have to offer in the workplace and to others.   Therefore, it is time for many of us to look for that “Laughing Warrior” inside and learn to work from the inside out.  We can’t only rely on others, especially management in Corporate America to guide us and mentor us to be the warrior that we truly can be.

So many of us are unhappy at work (88% per the last Gallup Poll report), do not like how we look, are not happy in relationships, and do not feel a sense of self or purpose.   In this class Trish gave us homework that taught us to learn how to see how we view ourselves and how we can change out thought patterns in an effort to well, rewire our minds and souls.  But the best part of the class were the skits and games she had us participate in which entailed learning to let go, to trust ourselves, to rely on others, and to know that we are important and needed by many.   A lot of times during the class exercises a leader would emerge.  This was the cool part because each person in our class was a leader in her own way. We need Laughing Warrior classes in Corporate America in a big way.  We need to learn to laugh at and with ourselves and others to see that yes, we are special, unique, and needed.  Trish taught us to not only get out of our way but also taught us to find a way to see life and obstacles we were facing an entirely different light.

We all have something to give and gain in life and we all are a leader in our own way.  Or better said, we can be LAUGHING WARRIORS!   Life does not have to be all serious all of the time and we need to loosen up on our expectations of what we are doing in our lives, not worry so much about checklists, getting that next raise, or performing for others.

We are finding more today that individuals in Corporate America are feeling lost.  They can’t find their funny bone or happy heart.   We are tired and are looking for more people to step up and be leaders who will build tribes that will then find new leaders to build new tribes.  Thank you Seth Godin.   In Trish’s class I thought that her work would be so beneficial to students of all ages, to those in Corporate America who know they have a purpose but do not know how to work or feel from the inside out to see what that purpose is, or to those of us who need to hang out with others to see that we are not alone with our worries and ruts we face.

I am not specifically promoting Trish here.  I am promoting that yes, it is hard to see and feel that person inside of us who truly wants to make a difference for ourselves and others.  In our class Trish’s goal was to help us find our authentic self, follow our passion and seek fulfillment through our work and worldly ambitions by engaging our own power through self-love education and empowerment.   Trish’s “Who Am I?” perspective showed us how we can  transform this thought into “Who do you choose to be?”  She utilizes her personal passion, her stand up comedy experience, and unique character qualities as an empowerment specialist toward emphasizing the important value of SELF LOVE and how it affects every aspect of your life.  She understands the power in FORGIVENESS and how positive fuel of personal self worth can create magic in your own life, daily.

All of us have the ability to value ourselves.  And all of us have a funny bone and a Laughing Warrior inside of us that is  feverishly waiting to get out to help transform how we live, work, and play.  More than ever Corporate America needs to help its employees value themselves.   I have said many times that the employee is the business.   Now it is time to empower the employee to love his or herself and know the value they bring to others by loving themselves.   Can you find your Laughing Warrior?  I bet you can and when you do you will see how funny and valuable you are to your friends, family, strangers, and co-workers.

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