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Purpose Relations Is What Companies Need To Integrate Into Their Analyst Relations Programs

Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

Over the past few months I have been talking to some pretty big organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs about their market analyst/industry analyst relations programs and how they are having a hard time feeling a connection with this sector.  And these groups seem more than ever concerned about their image, how they look to the outside world, as well as to their own workforce.   They are stating that they feel stale and that they need to find more influencers to help them take the baton for them and run with it to help them win more races.   My answer to all of this is easy, SHARE AND LEAD WITH PURPOSE.

When I was working as an analyst relations contractor for SGI, Sun, Compaq, and HP, this was an issue as well.   A lot of companies, even start-ups and entrepreneurs do not, and still do not see the significance of an analyst and how they can be a business partner for the company, as well as a conduit to potential customers, employees, and overall, society.   They are professionals who can take the weight off of a company’s back by helping them see the small and big picture.  And they can also help change the voice of the organization, their look and feel, and the way their voice is heard.   But it’s not simple.  It takes teamwork, respect, and internal and external program elements to go through changes as well.

Analyst relations, like public relations, is all about creating a push and pull conversation.   Sure, the analysts need to get contracts signed.   But, businesses need to remember that the analysts are the ones who are critical subject matter experts, and are key to connecting a company or an entrepreneur to the right audiences with the right messaging, and most importantly, how to execute to gain that lead in the race.

I know this sounds like a no brainer and that the analyst relations professionals know this and work very hard to establish strong working relationships with analysts.  But after all of these years in PR, I find it puzzling that companies and individuals are not teaming up more to share their purpose, corporate and conscious citizenship with the analyst, and now also the “influencer” community.    It’s all about teamwork isn’t it?   The analyst wants its clients to succeed.  It’s time for the organizations to work with analysts, take a step back, and see how they can work more proactively so that the the analysts can help them shape and share their purpose.  The analyst is PR.  They can, and are major “word of mouth” thought leaders for anyone wanting to reach potential customers, partners, and again, especially employees.

Life is moving so fast and technology is a big driver behind how fast we all are running.  This is the perfect time for companies and individuals to work WITH the analyst community and show how they are ACTING ON PURPOSE in an effort to be one step ahead of the game in an effort to show the world that they will succeed by leading with action that is good for all.


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