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It’s Time For Us All To Be Linchpins – Are You Indispensable?!

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Seth Godin was so spot on in early 2000 with his concept about how more than ever we all can be linchpins in our workplace and in our own life.   Many of us do not see that heretic inside.   And it is the heretic that creates and leads tribes. Corporate America continues to be a flat.   I ask myself when I see clients, where is, and what is management these days?    We hear about the Millennials wanting to change the world and be leaders who will “make things happen” with their entrepreneurial mind-set.   And some of them are.   But are they leaders? Can they be heretics when statistically many of them believe they are working for a cause and then leave their companies within 1-3 years to find the next hot job?

Be a linchpinHow do you become a leader when you do not take the time to find and work with mentors?   And what about the older generation of workers?   Why are they being pushed out of their jobs when they have so much knowledge and heart to share with their co-workers?  It’s time to team on!

My simple post today is meant to point out that today, more than ever; we all need to play the role of the linchpin.   We need to lead and work with our co-workers as tribe-mates.   Yes, many of us need to follow processes and meet deadlines on projects.  But this does not mean that we can’t let the leader in us come out and shine.   As Godin points out, linchpins are individuals who see their work as art.  They dig into their jobs with pride and embrace their work, motivate their co-workers, clients, and the community.   This concept is all about knowing that you have purpose to create cause and effect in your career and in your personal life.

Right now in America many people are complaining about how the world is falling apart with issues in the economy, the environment, education, and yes, how many people are so unhappy in their jobs.   This does not have to be the case if you understand that you are a linchpin who can change the negative into the positive.   Ask yourself, “what can I do to solve these problems and how can I get people, my tribe, to help me tackle these issues versus complaining about them and hence, letting them get worse?”

It is time for you to create a tribe, jump over your cube or walk out of your office and take your power to make a change for all.   It is not time to sit back and watch the world go by.   It is time to make a difference.  And most of all, know that you are the difference.


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