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It’s Time For All Of Us To Get On Stage With Belief And Purpose — No Fear Required

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Last week I had the privilege to attend and work for my start-up client,, at Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter V Competition that was held on March 4th in Los Angeles at the famous club, The Troubadour. is a Silicon Valley based start-up that discovers and promotes and interviews new artists by sharing their stories via social media.   Their purpose is help artists get “above the noise” and gain a bigger following by enabling their fans to really get to know and tag along with them while they are touring or simply writing a song. The company’s goal is to connect artists with brands and the artist’s favorite causes so all parties can make a social impact on the world.   The company also plans to work with artists, actors, writers, and filmmakers in the near future.

Guitar Center chose five amateur singer-songwriters out of 14,000 applicants based in the United States to give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up on stage and showcase their hearts and souls with their words and voices. was asked to interview the five singers by Guitar Center so that the company could promote them on their website to show the personal side of the performer and their WHY. The contest winner received a songwriting session with City and Colour, a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, $25,000, new gear and a write up in American Songwriter. You can check out the finalists’ performance videos at and the interviews One Avenue created one the their web site.

You are probably asking by now why I am sharing this story with you.   It’s simple.   All of us need to get up on that stage even if we are scared. Life is a stage. Work is a stage. Home is a stage. We have stages all around us that we sometimes have to get up on and share our BEING.   But most of us have stage fright and don’t take that first step to be seen and heard.   Right now I want to say, “ I dare you to get up there”.

We need to face and embrace our fears and know that all we can do is do our best. We all need to share our voices and our stories, and yes, most importantly, our purpose. While I was watching these young performers and listening to them tell their stories about how they got to the competition I was touched and thought about how many people would never do what these performers were doing.   They were so brave to audition and talk about themselves in front of total strangers. The singing was the easy part for them. And guess what, you are a singer and a storyteller whether you know it or not.

So whether you are working in Corporate America, saving lives as a doctor, teaching children and adults that they are studying to have an impact on our world, or a stay at home mom or dad, remember that you have a purpose and a voice that needs to be heard.   And who knows, you might find yourself up on stage singing on the show “The Voice”.   You will never know what your talents and goals are unless you try, follow your instinct, find that brave soul that you carry, and most importantly, know that you have a purpose.

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