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Help Those In Need With Blitz Fundraisers

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What a great concept about fundraising as a way to help those in need. Mallory Brown, 28, from Ferndale started World Clothes Line in 2010—for every item you buy, she gives one away to someone in need. Her business has her traveling to impoverished villages to give out these donations. Mallory is changing the model of fundraising by helping people in need with what she calls “Blitz Fundraising”. She has also teamed up with Crowdwise to help transform lives overnight. I believe Mallory’s method is what all of us could do if we set our minds and hearts to it.

With CrowdRise, Brown is participating in blitz fundraisers. She flies to an area in need, sets a fundraising goal and then has 24 hours to raise the money for vital resources. Once the 24 hours is up, Brown and her small team have another 24 hours to spend the money .

Their most recent event was just last week in Mexico City. Brown and her friend NFL defensive lineman Mike Martin were able to raise more than $9,000.

They then took that money and transformed the community by buying new toilets, supplies and helping to get educational programs off the ground.

For more information on World Clothes Line, check the Cause out at


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