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What We Eat Has Purpose

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The word Purpose is now popping up around what we eat!  Love it!  Yes, the Millennials CARE about the purpose behind pretty much everything.  But the general population as this article points out, also wants companies to care about the effect that their product has on us.  Simply stated — Their purpose is their brand.  Their purpose is the cause and the effect their products have on us.  There are fancy stats that Edelman continues to put out about companies combining social purpose with business.  But at the end of the day, as people, we want to buy from companies that invest in our well-being.  Who wants to buy from a company that does not care?   I bet you can’t think of many people who go to a store and say, ” I hate this store and what it stands for but I am going to support it and buy from it anyway”.  Well, there might be a few folks out there who just want a good deal and do not care about the ethics and standards a company holds.


Aaron Hurst, the author of the newly released book, The Purpose Economy, continues to explain in this article why we as a society more than ever are searching for our purpose in life.   Technology has changed the way we communicate and more and more of us are becoming detached to our own sense of self because we are not truly hard-wiring with people.  We think we are when we send a text, share a note on Facebook, or send a photo via Instagram.  But at the end of the day, looking someone in the eyes, seeing and feeling expressions from those around you, or simply getting a hug, helps us see and feel our sense of self. We are trying to find ways to nurture our souls and our minds.   This is why it is so essential for organizations to understand this if they want to market their goods to us and the way we are now living.   Purpose needs to be instilled into business if business wants to connect with its customers and their needs.  And just think about how good you feel when you go into a store that is providing you with goods that make you feel good and enrich your life because that store’s purpose is to improve your well-being.  A win win for everyone!  I know Whole Foods gets a bad rap for being known as a store that charges too much for its goods.  But the store chain has done an amazing job as a Purpose Economy store because it enables vendors to grow their businesses and dreams by selling their goods at the store.   When you think of Whole Foods the word organic comes to mind.  When you think about organic the word healthy comes to mind.  A wonderful purpose statement by Whole Foods that it continues to live by and stand by for its customers and vendors trying to make the world a better place by providing foods and goods that promote well-being.



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