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What Is Your Imperative?

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I read articles daily that are written about how people in our country are scared, unhappy, and just plain angry at how we are not being taken care of or understood by our employers, the government, our friends and family, and even strangers.  Why is this?  Should we be looking on the outside and blame others for our unhappiness?  Or should we be taking a closer look from the inside out and try to determine why we are unhappy and scared?

I am one of those individuals who is trying really hard to see and understand not only why people in our country are so scared and unhappy, but also how I can help others see and gain the belief that they have purpose and can make a difference.  In my postings I choose to write about people and topics that help individuals see that we can make a difference and that there are people out there who believe they have a purpose and a darn important place on this earth.  But you may ask, why is it that there are folks out there who are trying to make a difference while there are so many of us who just have given up and would rather be unhappy and numb in the life that has been given to us?  I can’t play the role of a psychologist but I can share some information that is very empowering that may help you feel that you do and can make a difference.  The main thing I want to point out is that WE ALL HAVE PURPOSE.  Sometimes we just need a little help finding it.  And believe me, this is not something we can do overnight.  But knowing that you want to feel that you are living a life that fills you up instead of bringing you down is an excellent start.  You are on your way!


To help you see why many of us are living the way we live today and feel stuck I would like to introduce you to a company called Imperative.  Aaron Hurst, the co-founder of the company, I believe is on to something really big that will help many of us better understand how we can find that purpose that has always been within us and take that purpose to work and into our daily lives.   Here is a quick snapshot of what the company is all about and how Imperative believes that their technology platform will help us learn more about how we tick, how we want to tick, and therefore, how we want to live a more fulfilled life.

In short, the times are changing from and Information Economy to a Purpose Economy as Aaron points out.  Technology has drastically changed the way we live and take action in our lives at work and at home.  Life seems faster than ever before because technology enables us to see and connect in lightening speed virtually and real time.  Therefore there are many of us who think we should be doing more, getting things done faster and better.  We are putting pressure on ourselves to make things happen.  And the end result for many of us is that we feel like we are not “good enough” or have no cause or purpose in life because we just can’t keep up with what everyone else is doing or saying they are doing.  Think of Facebook and how it seems like everyone else has a better life.  Many of your friends seem to have it all going for them and seem to have the dream job and home. But do they have a purpose?  Are they really living the life that fulfills them from the inside out?

If you want to learn more about what your “TRUE CALLING IS”, or as Imperative explains, YOUR PURPOSE,  fill out the simple questionnaire on the Imperative landing page .  It is pretty cool and I bet you will be amazed at how spot on it is.  Imperative explains that what we are really looking for is our Purpose – something that is greater than us.  Our Cause is what we do in life.  But our Purpose is what helps us feel value and that we are truly meant to be on this earth to make life better for ourselves, others, and the world.


We created Imperative because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create meaningful work. We believe this is not just possible, but vital to the future of humanity.

Over the last 200 years we’ve created technology that has radically reshaped our work and our lives — technology that has allowed our work to move from the land, to the factory, and finally to the office. We’ve made incredible gains both in how long we live and in the quality of our lives. And yet while so much has been gained, something very real has been lost. We’ve created more with less meaning. We’ve become detached from each other and from nature. We’ve created work that is not human-centered, but human-resourced.

What if technology could enable personal growth, stronger relationships, and impact? What if success wasn’t simply measured by how much we make but by the quality of what we create? What if we built our companies to cultivate rather than exploit people and the planet? What if human-centered, purpose-driven work was no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have, for everyone?

We created Imperative to do just this. To connect you to your professional purpose and to enable you to support your friends and colleagues in finding theirs.







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