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Purpose Relations IS The New PR For All

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Got Purpose


I am proud to announce that I have snagged and am creating a new category for individuals and businesses called  “Purpose Relations”.  After working in the public relations field for more than 20 years and running BCPR for 17 years,  I am now “getting it and feeling it” in regard to why I even started Be Cause PR in the first place.  I have always been good at connecting my clients to the right audiences, launching product after product, and helping get companies and individuals out on stage. But this was not enough for me.  I had a huge hole in my heart and soul and never really fully understood why.   Today I do!  My heart and head are working together and I get why I was led to be a communications entrepreneur.  When I started out in PR I did what was expected to be done but did not do what I felt was right — WORKING FROM THE INSIDE OUT.   Launching products and companies most of the time is a WHAT process.   But when you work with your clients to launch/introduce a concept, product, or initiative, the WHY and EFFECT, and now CAUSE  is what is so important to your audiences.   Launching with your WHY means that you are launching for a PURPOSE and for CAUSE and EFFECT.   The press, influencers, and public need to know the PURPOSE behind what a company or individual stands for and is offering so that they feel seen. heard, and understood.  People are not just buying products anymore, they are buying for a purpose and to find ways to improve the way they feel inside more than ever.

So welcome to the PURPOSE RELATIONS era, a time where people and companies feel like they are making a difference with their products and services for the well being of others and our world.  And most importantly, consumers and employees want to buy and work with companies that are purpose driven.

Today as Aaron Hurst, the founder of the Tap Root Foundation and co-founder of the start-up Imerpative,explains how we are transitioning from an Information Economy to a Purpose Economy.   A recent Gallup poll showed that more than 80% of college graduates want to work for companies that are cause related and want to make a social impact.  The same poll stated that more than 80% of our workforce hates their jobs.  Oh oh.   We no doubt have a problem in our country as far as being one that is innovative with a happy workforce.   So my point is if we do not know what our purpose is in life how can we make a difference in our lives and careers and be the thought leaders and innovators that we are all born to be?

We all have a cause.  But our purpose is something bigger than ourselves.  My cause is to be an entrepreneur while my purpose is to help people see, believe, and promote their purpose so that they can improve how we live and how our earth is treated. Today as I become more aware of my purpose in my life I can see how so many people seem to be running in place with a glazed look in their eyes.  I ask myself, where are they going and do they think there is a finish line they have to cross?  Most of us have heard the “Zen” individuals from as early on as Williams Wordsworth explain that there is no finish line as we navigate through life and that our life is really about the journey.  I will admit this is a hard thing to do these days when life seems to be so fast and technology seems to be running our lives.   But we must remember it is up to us to know who we are and who we want to be in our life.  And it is up to us to learn to work together, respect the different generations and how they see and value life and work.   We need to work at building community and building tribes who share the same values.

With this scenario it is time for people like me who have spent a career  promoting and connecting people and their purpose to the right audiences to step up and help EVERYONE do the same thing.   You do not have to be a marketing, sales, or PR professional to integrate PURPOSE RELATIONS into your personal or professional lives.  Today life and business can’t be separated anymore and maybe never really could.   Today, we all need to appreciate the layered, sophisticated interaction between the personal and the professional in order to make the most of both.

So I ask you, what is your mission, or as I like to say, what is your purpose?  I believe this is something we need to ask ourselves daily in order to improve our lives, the lives of others, and our world.  I am so ready to get out there and help people see the purpose that burns in their soul.   And promoting their purpose to the world will be the icing on the cake.

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