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Find Your Purpose With Imperative

Posted by on February 11, 2014 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

Since I am on the topic of finding your purpose I wanted to share this new technology solution/platform that Aaron Hurst of Imperative just introduced. It is in beta. Pardon the long message but I want you to see where he is coming from and how the cause behind the company is so spot on for those of you who wake up each day and know you have more to give.

From Aaron:
For the last year I have been working with our team at Imperative to figure out the science of what generates purpose for someone in their work. This week we launched the first features of a tool that enables anyone to define their Purpose Pattern and create a Purpose Statement to guide their career. You can get your Purpose Pattern here.

For me, the need for Imperative grew from the twelve years I spent working with thousands of professionals to boost purpose in their careers through pro bono service at Taproot. I thought, like most people, that purpose was about finding your cause. But as I began researching the patterns that were emerging in my work, I came to discover that purpose is not about a cause, it’s about how you approach your work. The research showed that we each have different psychological drivers that give us purpose from different things. Imperative grew out of this research.

Here’s what our beta testers have said so far:

“I had no idea you guys were building something like this– this is a game changer… totally awesome.” “I think the results are spot-on.” “I’ve done my own Purpose statement, and it is in line with Imperative came up with, with a few new twists which was cool.” ” the tool was super engaging.”

If you haven’t already visited Imperative give it a try here.

Once you’ve tried the tool, feel free to share it with people you care about and stay on the look-out for new developments. We’re excited to build this movement with you.

With purpose,

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