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Be Cause PR Starting Fundraising Campaign for Ubuntu Blox

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I am reaching out to my tribe and the Ubuntu Blox tribe. For those of you who have been following the Ubuntu Blox housing concept and progress I want to thank you. I continue to do what I can by getting press coverage around the concept and how it is slowly starting to evolve worldwide. Still amazes me how good press does not drive people to help causes build the homes where they are most needed. Therefore, this month I am going to work with organization in India called Sacred Earth Trust Organization to earn a small amount of funding to build a recycling center out of Ubuntu Blox building blocks in Bodhgaya, India. The cool thing about this project is that the locals will be collecting the materials and building the center while earning an income. This is what is so special about the Ubuntu Blox manifesto. We want people to earn revenue while re-building vs. someone like Habitat for Humanity coming over and building and not enabling the people to earn income while rebuilding and improving their lives. I am starting a simple fundraising campaign to get Harvey Lacey, the inventor of Ubuntu, over to India to train the people how to build the machine and the homes. All we need right now is $4000. If you can spare even $10.00 we would appreciate your support. I am also going to work with Harvey to get an official organization built for Ubuntu. Thanks for your time. I will be in touch with the progress. We are also doing work in the Philippines. Game on!



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