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Philippe Kahn – An Innovator With Heart

Posted by on January 10, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts, News | 0 comments

This is why I love working with innovators.  They “GET IT”.   Philippe Kahn, “the inventor of the camera phone”, continues to innovate for the well being of others and  our world.  When I worked for him in 1992 his concept of selling programming languages in a box may have not seemed like a big deal.  But, when you really think about it, being able to buy software at a price of $99  in a box was a paradigm shift that enabled programmer to do their job that much better.  And guess what, what these programmers coded changed our lives on many fronts.  This new innovation, non-invasive wireless solutions for the medical industry, by Philippe’s company Fullpower, shows how Philippe continues to strive to help others with technology.   Thank you Philippe and Fullpower.


Philippe Kahn – Paradigm Shift – Non-Invasive Wireless Solutions for the Medical Industry

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