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Jill Spill of Spill Art Teams Up With Bucketfeet

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Jill Spill, of Spill Art, continues to work very hard at showing the world how she is an artist for ALL with love and soul. She participated in Buckfeet’s latest Artist contest to see if her show design could be the next show they choose to highlight and sell. The organizations mission is to find a different artist to design every shoe they produce. Talented artists get the global exposure they deserve, and we get awesome, original shoes that stand out from the crowd. Jill’s shoe design was chosen as one of the top 10 out of a thousand entries. A “feet” to be very proud of. This contest is yet another step Jill takes on her journey as a woman, a mother, a humanitarian, a wife, and an artist who truly wants to make the world a better place for all with her art. Please take a look at her piece of fancy footwork if you have not had the chance to. And if anything, give her a shout if you want your own pair of Jill Spill happy and loving shoes.

The Jill Spill Love and Happiness Shoe

The Jill Spill Love and Happiness Shoe

During this competition Jill learned more than ever how hard it is to get the word out on the social media machine.  If she had her way and the time to do so she would have reached out to people personally with a smile, supportive words, and the kindness that is in her art.  It was a tough trek.  Living in this soft-wired world where we are having to crowd fund to get funding for our businesses and products seems to be the way  many are going.  This leaves me sad because as Jill saw, it was tough reaching people in the way she wanted to.  She was not scared to ask for help because she knew that her product would bring happiness to many.  The process just took a little of the bounce in her step.  She kept marching ahead with her creativity and painted her car to promote the contest.  The artist in Jill continued to smile even though the social media machine churned away some of the heart and soul behind the artist and her intent.  Jill Spill Mobile

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