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Turn Your Passion Into Philanthropy

Posted by on January 28, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

As we all are seeing the effects of global warming, poverty and hunger, and violence in our world, now is truly the time to not only find a way to give back to our world, but also a time to create your own tribe that will lead by example and show others how we must unite together to save our world on so many levels.  Philanthropy to  many means that only those who have millions of dollars are the ones giving to causes and sitting on boards that will save world hunger, the depletion of our rain forests, homeless children, or the continuing drop of our country’s literacy rate.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE WEALTHY TO GIVE BACK AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The time is now to ask yourself, how can I help our world and how can I take what I am passionate about an make this world a better place for all?  There is so much one person can do.  And better yet, there is so much that a team of people can do.    Create your tribe today and empower others to make a difference for our world  The world is our’s and no one can take it away from us.  I do not believe that many people wake up in the morning even thinking or feeling this.  Today is the day to start giving back to the world that is our home.

Here is a quick read on how Ted Turner explains how we all can be a philanthropist.

Ted Turner continues to be a voice for the importance of philanthropy. In this article he states that we all should be “giving back” to our world in any way that we can. Here are key tips he provides that will enable all of us to make a difference.
1. Start philanthropy now

2. Population growth, environmental issues, and protecting wildlife need to be protected NOW.

3. All humans should have equal rights.

4. Look for areas where you can make a difference and collaborate to do so.

Ted Turner Explains His Thoughts On How We Can All Give Back


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