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Leaders Are Aware of Others

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Leaders - Awareness

I am attaching a great article penned by Deepak Chopra about how leaders are those who are aware of  not only how they are ticking and seeing from the inside out, but  also how they are aware of how others around them are ticking.   Our ego, which can be a big and powerful monster sometimes, can easily get in the way of how we live our lives in the moment.  If our ego takes over the moment becomes all about us and we may let thoughts control us which may instill in us fear and anxiety.  In turn we may lose touch with what is truly going on around us and project our emotions onto others.  When this happens we are no longer leading and empowering others.  Deepak does a great job explaining how leaders such as Henry Ford was in constant awareness mode and how being in this mode creates other leaders.  I believe we all can be leaders and are born with what I call a spark inside that will always be there in our souls.  If we listen to it and feed it that leader within will come out and help guide us through life.  My favorite points Deepak makes are spiritual indeed and inspire me to know that I can be someone who helps others lead their own tribes.

Awareness is the birthplace of possibility. Everything you want to do, everything you want to be starts here. To be a successful visionary, you must be as aware as possible. At every moment many paths lead forward. Awareness tells you the right one to take.

As a leader, your awareness affects everyone around you. Those whom you lead and serve depend on your perception of the situation. You must reach inside for the right response. You alone can raise the group’s awareness from lower needs to higher needs. To do that, you first must fulfill each need in yourself.

The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must Be Aware

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