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Is Getting News for Haiti Causes Enough?

Posted by on October 26, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

I got the following article placed for GiveLove in the Huffington Post and am still trying to figure out how we as a country can support Causes in a more substantial way. Also, as a public relations hat I continue to see that even though I can get my clients in well known publications it still does not seem to be enough in regard to “getting the client seen” by those who really can help them out —– CORPORATE AMERICA.   As I have mentioned in previous posts, I see Causes as our new small businesses. They literally are out in the trenches worldwide trying to make huge shifts to improve the way we live. Unfortunately a lot of the money that Corporate America has for causes is tied up and set aside at least a year in advance. Some organizations are slowly giving their employees the opportunity to choose Causes to support and even work with them. I hope this practice continues to increase in the United States. I believe that we have an amazing “WIN WIN” formula where companies work with causes to improve their corporate social responsibility images, work on their branding to connect more closely with their customers, and get their employees feeling more involved with the company’s mission.  Sanitation around the world is a huge issue and I hope that this article will reach someone in Corporate America who believes that their organization can team up with Causes such as GiveLove to work on this epidemic.

One key point that was left out of this article is that GiveLove is currently working with Habitat for Humanity through 2014 in a 300 household pilot in Leogane. The Cause also has several other Green Schools in PAP – two with Architecture for Humanity.

GiveLove is only NGO in Haiti Tackling Sanitation Issues in a Big Way



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