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Cause Marketing Does Not Have To Die

Posted by on April 11, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments


We can stop killing cause marketing by understanding how it can work with and for your business. This short piece says it all. So many individuals and companies believe and feel that if they do the “point and click” giving back method or have take money out of their marketing budgets for a big cause that they are making a difference. What we need to understand is that in this case we are giving to big entities and may never know who we are helping or may not be helping those in need. Cause marketing can work on so many levels. I see it as a formula. Cause – Employee Engagement – CSR and Branding. Get your employees involved in helping causes which will help their sense or purpose and employee engagement.  Connect causes with your clients for better CSR and branding.  Cause Marketing indeed can work.


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