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Ubuntu Blox Model Expands With Vetiver Plant

Posted by on November 27, 2012 in News, Ubuntu Blox | 0 comments

Harvey found gold in the plant veviter that is used in Haiti to produce essential oils, their number one export. Now, instead of only relying on plastic trash, the may not be found in all parts of Haiti, the people can use this plant to bu

ilt Ubuntu-Blox homes. This is a game changer for Ubutnu-Blox and for the people of Haiti who live in rural areas. Check out how easy it is for the people to build blocks. Again, the Ubuntu Blox home is hurricane and earthquake proof. This plant also helps stops pests such as termites. Congratulations Harvey Lacey. We need all of your FB friends to help us find a way to get some funding to help the people build their own Ubuntu-Blox homes in Haiti and around the world!Ubuntu-Blox House Blocks Built With Vetiver

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