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Tubifi Launches at DEMO 2012

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Tubifi officially launched at Demo Fall 2012 last week.  

It is an honor to be selected to launch at DEMO.  You can say, the “cream of the crop” are selected to get on stage and show their “stuff” in six minutes.  In the entertainment field it would be like being on Dancing with the Stars or American Idol.  The show, which has been around now for 23 years, chooses top innovators who are ready to launch their products in an effort to make our world a better place to live in.  I thought launching Java way back when was sexy!  This year we saw a lot of entertainment, social media, and even big data products and solutions make the cut.  Technology and how it is affecting the consumer is hitting us faster than ever.  We are becoming more and more connected by gadgets by the second.  But how we are connected and relate to one another is key. Tubifi understands this and sees that video is the way to pull people in with emotion.  The company  enables the creative professional to create high quality videos in a collaborative environment (the Cloud) with the ability to search for thousands of digital images while working from one desktop.  Imagine not having to search for images in a new browser each time you want to add an image to your video?  Imagine having a thousand images at your fingertips when you type in a word of an image you want and in an instant you get tons of choices to select from? The coolest part of this platform is that the user gets to not only use the talents he or she already has, but also is able to unleash the artist that lives within that needs a little boost to come out and show off!   The product is still in beta but is being used by many folks already.  Check out the site or contact me to see how you can be a beta tester.  Tubifi is going to change the landscape of how video marketing is done and is going to help us ALL connect with emotion, heart, soul, and of course mind.   Peace

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