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You do not have to sing like Sarah McLachlan to have purpose

Posted by on October 7, 2012 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

I just wanted to share a really simple yet cool video which shows the love and purpose behind the work singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan shares with her fans.  She posted this on her Facebook page and I would like to expand on her thoughts.  She explains in the video how she is fortunate to have a sense of purpose, to know that she was always meant to sing, and that her singing is bringing so much joy to others.  I am sharing this video with you to let you know that even though we may not be a singer who has a thousand fans, or an entertainer who makes millions while making movies, or just someone in the spotlight, WE ALL HAVE A SENSE OF PURPOSE.  WE ALL HAVE A VOICE THAT NEEDS TO BE HEARD.


This video reminds me how life is such a process.  Sarah points this out in the video by showing us the work it takes to get her beloved piano up the stairs to the stage where she will perform.  Caution, respect, and love are given to that piano just as Sarah does the same for her fans with her music.  So today, think and feel about your purpose and how you can give back.  You too have your own stage to stand on.  A stage that may change daily as you give back to yourself and others.


Peace and light to all.  I look forward to hearing you “sing” and share your


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