Purpose Relations IS the New PR

What is Be Cause PR?

Promoting Your Purpose For Cause And Effect

Be Cause PR helps people give a voice to their purpose. When we lead with our hearts, we can reach people to the core. In today’s noisy world, we help each individual tell their story by sharing how they lead with purpose and empathy. We call this Purpose Relations and combine expertise in both public relations and cause marketing to amplify that voice from each and every heart.

Be Cause PR serves the following:

  • Organizations, big and small, that are mission-driven.
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Public figures.
  • Celebrities who run or are affiliated with Causes.
  • Change agents and thought leaders.
  • Individuals who want to share a story that will help others.

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Cathy's Thoughts

March 23, 2022 |

How To Be More Compasionate

    The world might benefit from more compassionate acts and attitudes, and the change can start with you. Compassion is closely related to empathy. Empathy is about understanding and relating to someone else’s challenges. Compassion is the part of you that naturally wants to offer help. Without compassion, life as we know it would be very different. Compassion is part of what drives positive change in the world. It inspires us to assist people in their individual lives as well as on a global scale. Compassion is limitless and far-reaching. It can impact humans, animals, the planet, and future generations. It can enrich your life as well as the lives of those around...

March 9, 2022 |

Kids Are Struggling With Feeling Enough

  This is Kaden. He is 11 years old and has told his mom a few times that he does not want to live anymore. His mother asked me to post this and wants to let other parents know that she is having conversations with such a young boy about suicide. She is working with me and others to raise awareness around the fact that young children such as Kaden are getting dark feelings and are scared to reach out. Feeling ENOUGH is something we all struggle with, no matter what age we are. Prior to launching my first campaign billboard, I interviewed folks of all ages to learn about what the phrase YOU...

January 26, 2022 |

Billboards Can Save Lives

I had a woman reach out to me this morning who wanted to talk about how the YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard that has been up in Redondo Beach for the past two months has kept her going after she lost her 11-year-old son to suicide over the Christmas holidays. She talked about the shame she feels and how she has isolated herself from the world because it hurts too much to see how people around her seem to be happy. She feels alone, defeated, and says that she can barely breathe. She explained through tears how the billboard is like a shrine to her son and that he is telling her that she is...

November 17, 2021 |

Societal Healing Is Needed More Than Ever

    Societal Healing may sound like a woo-woo phrase but in reality, it is what it sounds and looks like it is.   While going through a pandemic, political, social, and climate chaos and unrest, our country is torn apart.  There is so much anger, hatred, fear, and hurt amongst so many Americans and many are feeling less hope and are turning against one another as they try to find ways to cope with the discomfort.  Instead of turning to one another for support, many are turning against one another.  What many of us forget is how we all just want to be seen, loved, and understood.  We all hurt from time to time...

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