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Technology Can Be About The Why For Cause and Effect With Healthy Communication And Relationships

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I have written many times about how more than ever companies today want to be seen as corporate citizens. I also have gone back and forth about how millennials say that they want to work for a purpose-driven company. However I continue to see reports that the case with the millennials is not as true as we thought. And this is not entirely their fault. They are seeking no doubt, like many of us, to find a purpose in their lives and careers. They, like many of us, can’t find it all on their own and maybe never will. To find our purpose many of us have to find mentors, be in the right...

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Toni Childs Singing for the News

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Toni Childs on ABC Melbourne Radio Interview

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Toni continues her Citizen of the Planet tour in Australia.  Check out her latest interview on ABC Radio in Melbourne with K.D....

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Ubuntu-Blox Housing Featured in D Magazine

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How_to_Rebuild_Haiti_Using_Trash.aspx   Great article today in the Dallas D Magazine featuring my client, Harvey Lacey, and his efforts with the Haitian community and Haiti Communitere  in Haiti to build the first Ubuntu-Blox house.  The writer of the article does a great job explaining how Harvey ticks, why it can be at times frustrating to be an innovator, believer, and dreamer in people and making a difference in developing...

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Toni Childs Australian Summer Tour Dates

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Toni is hitting the road.  For those of you lucky enough to be in Australia, please check out her tour dates as well as special promotions. Toni Childs Summer 2012 Tour...

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