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“Cathy can distill the essence of what makes a company or service valuable and communicate it to the right people – journalists, customers, a market at large. She has a knack for understanding the actual (positive) impact of what she’s selling, and getting others to see the vision. But she’s also practical and has done everything from run companies to sell them, including 8 startups acquired by Fortune 100 companies.”
Esther Dyson, Exective Founder at Wellville and EDventure.com

“Cathy has a great ability to understand what causes drive people and help make them a reality. The combination of experience, network and personal style makes Cathy unique in today’s socially driven world.”
David Douglas, Partner, Applied Invention

Cathy is a consummate PR professional, but she is more than that because she works with causes that seek to improve the lot of the world. Cathy reached out to me on a story that benefited all involved – her client, her practice, and yes, me as well. If anyone in the cause and social good world were to ask me about a PR person or agency, the first person I would recommend would surely be Cathy Caplener.
Auren Kaplan, Huffingtonpost blogger and professional social media strategist

“Thank you… for being a wonderful supporter in my life…. thank you for being born and being a cheer section for so many people!!!”
Toni Childs, Singer, Songwriter, Emmy Award Winner, Grammy Nominee, Humanitarian

“I’m the founder and CEO of 10.10.10, and I met Cathy when she participated as a prospective CEO in one of our 10.10.10 programs. Cathy comes from the world of Public Relations, communications and tech. She has a deep well of empathy on which to draw as she helps develop stories that move people and inspire them to action. During our program, she spoke to an audience of 1000 people; so compelling and moving was Cathy’s story, that she brought the audience to the brink of tears (and beyond)! Tom Higley, Founder & CEO, X Genesis and 10.10.10. Advisory Board Member at Global Startup Studio Network. Techstars mentor.

“I’ve known Cathy as long as I’ve been in the tech industry. Cathy is one of those rare individuals that is hardworking and results driven with a creative spirit that makes her incredibly adaptable. I’ve seen Cathy pull together meetings with thousands of people and five people with the same grace and get it done attitude. Cathy is a delight to work with and if you are looking for an experienced professional who knows how to partner and is incredibly connected, Cathy is the person you want to hire.” Michelle Bailey, GVP/GM&IDC Research Fellow at IDC

“‘Passion’ puts Cathy in a league of her own in the PR world. If she takes on your project, you can be assured that it is because she not only believes in your cause, she believes in the people behind it. She doesn’t just do PR for your company, she lives and breathes your business.”
Rayne Guest, Entrepreneur. Owner R-Water. Llc

“Cathy is an amazing advisor. Arranged two very successful PR/AR tours that helped us secure funding and bring in more clients. She is a consummate professional; well organized, thinks plans through completely and is not afraid to fight for what is best for her client. I highly recommend her firm and would rehire her in a minute!”
Joanne Sperans, Owner, Volo Coaching

I have worked with Cathy for more than 15 years at several different companies both as a colleague and a client. Cathy is a master at PR and analyst relations. Her upbeat attitude and knowledge of the industry make her a winner with the press, analysts and clients.”
Kerry Langstaff, Chief Marketing Officer, Xignite

“PR is something hard to quantify, and hard to qualify, but somehow Cathy does it. She cuts right to the essence of what it is you do, of what you have to offer, and presents that in the best light to the right people. It is a skill that comes from years of experience, excellent contacts, and a genuine and sincere interest in serving the best interests of all parties. Be Cause PR has become an integral part of our company.”
Robert Essertier, Founder, Vertical Power Systems

“Cathy has the amazing ability to literally feel and see the direction in which you want to take your company, it’s a gift. In addition, she has a keen sense of where you need to plug in and connect that you may not have thought of. Cathy thinks outside the box and puts her heart to work along with her expertise, which is vital when you’re bringing awareness to a cause that you feel passionately about. When it comes to cause related PR, Cathy is a true visionary! I can’t thank her enough for her commitment to serving others in such a meaningful way.”
Jill Spill, Spill Art

“Cathy is not your typical consultant, she does it all from strategic to hands-on and she does it all with energy. Ask anyone who knows her and they will all say the same thing — she is a pleasure to work with. She challenges ways of thinking and carries vast experience from years in the Valley working at many well known tech companies. Cathy knows PR and AR solid. When many people forget about the personal interactions we all face, Cathy thrives on relations with external audiences and works that to her advantage to build long lasting relationships.”
John Welton, Senior Director Global Communitcations, Fortinet

“Of all the people I’ve worked under the tutelage of, Cathy is definitely one who stands out from the rest. Her experience in public relations and marketing in the tech and cause industries along with her steadfast gregariousness, compassion and persistence has helped me, and many others, significantly in becoming a better communicator and practitioner in the fields of marketing, research and pr, truly a rare combination and certainly a talent so rare in an ever changing business. I am honored to work with and to learn from Cathy.”
Medhanie Habte,Nonprofit Development, Digital Media and Marketing Specialist

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