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YOU ARE ENOUGH Billboard Campaign

The YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard campaign is something I came up with one morning while I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I thought to myself how no one should have to go through the darkness and loneliness that I was feeling. I wanted to find a way to give folks who were dealing with their own mental health challenges and self-esteem a way to feel seen and loved. So I decided to raise funds to put up a billboard in my neighborhood that proudly displayed the words YOU ARE ENOUGH on it.  

With depression being the number one disability in our country and with mental illness being something that is still taboo to a lot of people, I wanted to find a way to start a campaign that would bring us all together around feeling enough in our lives. Today we live in a scarcity society where we are bombarded by at least 30,000 messages a day coming at us telling us that we need to do more, be more, buy more, and have more to be enough. Many of us feel as though we are on a hamster wheel trying to do what we think we need to do to be enough and in turn are dealing with depression, angst, and are searching for our sense of purpose. 

Over the year while working on the campaign I interviewed friends and strangers and asked them to share their thoughts on what being enough means to them. I started a podcast and created an online store with campaign merchandise including wristbands, yard signs, banners, and t-shirts that say YOU ARE ENOUGH on them.  I have raised funds for 15 billboards in Los Angeles and one in Silicon Valley and am continuing to raise funds to get billboards up around the country.   Communities are coming together around these words.  People are gaining back hope and are feeling more connected with others who want to help people feel supported.  When you think about it, we are all mirrors for one another, and all struggle with feeling enough.   

I hope that we can continue to get these billboards up throughout the country so that we can be reminded of just how awesome we all are and that each and every one of us is needed.  As I type this I am getting calls from businesses who want to sponsor billboards.  This campaign has taught me that starting out on a project with heart and empathy can be a success on so many levels and has reminded me and others why I started Be Cause PR in the first place.  Once you determine what your purpose is you can make a social impact with that cause for effect.



Isaac was the first person I talked to about the concept of the campaign.  He got it and knows that this campaign is so much more than about a billboard.  It is about creating community.