Ubuntu Blox Housing


The Ubuntu Block concept was invented by retired welder Harvey Lacey of  Wylie, Texas.  The Ubuntu Blox cause is implementing street clean-ups and rubbish collection points to take styrofoam food containers and film plastic out of the canals and drains around Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to repurpose as building materials.

I met Harvey Lacey on Facebook and was blown away by his passion and dedication to getting the Ubuntu Blox concept seen and accepted around the world. The concept is so simple that it is scary.  It CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  Harvey is a heretic who wants to empower people to live the lives they deserve.   His first stop was Haiti where he trained women on how to build the Ubuntu Blox housing blocks while he trained men to do the heavy lifting work and build the foundations of the home.

The finished Ubuntu Blox in Haiti as it stands today.

The finished Ubuntu Blox in Haiti as it stands today.

The Ubuntu Blox concept is a holistic and sustainable approach to building homes, communities, cleaner living conditions, and a less polluted earthy, and most of all, integrity for the people of developing nations such as Haiti.   The Ubuntu Blox was earthquake and hurricane proof tested and can withstand a 8.3 quake and hurricane winds of up to 90 mph.  This is key for the Haitians who are afraid of their homes, not earthquakes. What is mind-boggling to us is the fact that there is no entity picking up on how easy it would be to fund the building concept.

We were able to get amazing press for Harvey but no one came forward to support the cause. Sure, there may be no bottom line by enabling people of developing nations to build their own homes and clean the environment. But why not give people a chance in developing nations the chance to feel that they can improve their lives and living conditions with the resources they have?

We were able to get some amazing press coverage for Ubuntu Blox but still scratch our heads at why Corporate America did not see the value in investing in the concept, the people, and the environment.

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Here are some examples of the press coverage we obtained:

This video shows Harvey training women at the Haiti Communitere complex how to build the blocks. His Ubuntu Blox machine is manual, open source, and is designed for any welder to build.