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Richard Walker
Efficient Technology


Richard Walker has overcome a lifetime of childhood challenges:
from his father becoming a drug and alcohol addict, to living on
welfare with his two siblings and single mother, to moving and
switching schools every 9 to 18 months, to working 35 hours per
week to pay for his education while attending the University of
Southern California as a full-time student.

Through these challenges he learned to choose happiness and
see opportunities for success. Starting his first company at age
12, Richard is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. As the CEO
and co-founder of Efficient Technology Inc, he designs enterprise
solutions for Fortune 500 companies, which currently result in saving over three trees every day in paper reductions.

Richard resides in Redondo Beach, California with his fiancée and enjoys writing, public speaking, painting, surfing,
snowboarding and travelling. Find out more at his website and blog.

About his book — “It’s My Life! I Can Change If I Want To” Do you want to change yourself but don’t know how? Do you wish you could find inner peace, balance and happiness from within?

When we’re born we’re given instincts, emotions, senses and an inner glow that our parents and family have the responsibility to nurture. What we’re not given is a user guide to understand how we work and why we do the things we do. During our development, we learn behaviors, beliefs, thought-patterns and habits that may or may not be the most effective for who we want to be.

The four-step method in this book will show you how to:
• Stop being a victim and take charge
• Modify or eliminate habits with ease
• Uncover your beliefs and related thoughts
• Discover how to control and design your reality
• Change faster and easier than you thought possible