Green Mouse Recycling

Green Mouse Recycling

Green Mouse Recycling is a San Jose based company providing
computer recycling services throughout California. Its corporate
headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, near San Jose Airport,
which allows us to directly service Santa Clara County. The

company offers FREE business and residential recycling services
(collection and drop-off) primarily in the following areas: Santa
Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los
Altos, and Palo Alto. GreenMouse Recycling also serves corporate
customers in major California cities.

GreenMouse Recycling started as an e-waste recycling business
committed to building communities by providing a friendly and
convenient way to dispose of unwanted waste. Evelyn O’Donnell,
a Silicon Valley veteran, founded the company after a 15-year
career in high-tech marketing and sales. Evelyn’s vision was to
create a purpose-driven company that would provide sustainable
employment and training to disadvantaged adults.

In 2010, GreenMouse Recycling partnered with the City of
San Jose and its Work2Future Program to provide training and
employment opportunities to at-risk young adults. During several
10-week programs, groups of young adults — Green Cadre
interns — develop skills and work experience at GreenMouse
Recycling. The goal at the end of each cycle is for GreenMouse
Recycling to provide employment to those Green Cadre
interns who successfully complete the internship program.

At its core, GreenMouse Recycling believes it is the responsibility
of an organization (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the
impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment
and its own prosperity, known as the “triple bottom line” of
people, planet, and profit. Not only do responsible, sustainable
and transparent approaches help build brand and reputation, they
help strengthen the community and therefore the marketplace.

The Essence of GreenMouse Recycling – (Adapted from the HP

The GreenMouse Recycling company exists to make
a contribution to responsible recycling, job creation, and
community fundraising and should only pursue
opportunities consistent with this purpose.

The GreenMouse Recycling company demands of
itself and its people superior performance – profitable
growth is both a means and a measure of enduring success.

The GreenMouse Recycling company believes the
best results come when you get the right people, trust
them, give them freedom to find the best path to achieve
objectives, and let them share in the rewards their work
makes possible.
The GreenMouse Recycling company has a responsibility to
contribute directly to the well-being of the communities in
which it operates.