Patricia Arquette Explains Purpose of GiveLove

GiveLove was founded by PATRICIA ARQUETTE and ROSETTA MILLINGTON-GETTY to develop temporary housing solutions and improved sanitation systems in Haiti. GiveLove is working on community-led sanitation projects to treat and compost waste, improve public health, and create jobs around recycling for Haiti and plans to use its business model for other developing nations. Three years after the massive earthquake GiveLove continues to establish key partnerships and is currently working with Habitat for Humanity.

While there are many approaches to eco-sanitation, GiveLove is focused on teaching Haitian people how to do thermophilic composting.GiveLove established its first successful humanure compost project in Cite Soleil in May 2010, at one of the largest IDP camps in Port-au-Prince.Thermophilic composting is a low-cost method to treat and recycle human excreta on-site without special equipment or extensive training. Using locally available construction supplies and organic cover materials (such as market scraps and agricultural refuse) we are able to establish community compost centers almost anywhere in Haiti.With its comprehensive training program, community compost workers can easily acquire the skills they need to safely manage these improved sanitation systems.GiveLove established its first successful humanure compost project in Cite Soleil in May 2010, at one of the largest IDP camps in Port-au-Prince.
With the huge success of its pilot project, GiveLove launched its GREEN SCHOOL Program in September 2010. Its first school project at the AMURT camp primary school in Delmas is a shining example of how composting can hygienically convert human waste into a safe, nutrient-rich fertilizer. Over 1,000 primary school children now have access to clean toilets and hand-washing stations at this location, and they are learning about ecology, gardening, and how to take care of their environment.

In February 2011, GiveLove completed two new Green Schools, the SOPUDEP project in Petionville, a primary school serving over 500 children, and the L’Enfant De L’Espoir School and orphanage campus in Leogane.

The Cause is currently expanding its work with Habitat for Humanity and Haiti Partners to build compost toilets and community compost centers for three primary schools in Leogane this March.