Our Clients

I have been fortunate in my career to work with amazing people and companies.  I grew up in PR with leading global agencies such as Ketchum and Burson-Marsteller.  Some of the clients I have had the opportunity to work with include Adobe, America’s Cup, ApplanceWare, Apture, Bad Boy, Cisco, Compaq, Conita Technologies, Filanet, HP, IBM, LA Gear, No Fear, SGI, Silicon Image, Sony, Sun, Surveyor Technologies, Nortel, Tibco, and VARStreet.com.  Eight start-ups launched were acquired by Fortune 100 companies.

Be Cause Clients



Industry First Launches

The following are launches I participated in or drove that truly were game changers that affected the way we work and live.

  • The First True Portable Computer – The Poqet PC
  • Development Software in a Box for $99 – Borland C and Turbo Pascal
  • SGI’s First Annual Market Analyst Conference
  • Tennis Goes Graphite – Kennex Kinetic Technology
  • Reebok Is About Fitness, Not Just Athletic Apparel – Reebok Aerobic Championships
  • Bad Boy –  Clothing Can Mean Good
  • Sun Microsystem’s First Annual Market Analyst Conference
  • Java is More Than Coffee – Java Programming Language
  • Robotics for the Masses – Surveyor Technologies
  • Personal Virtual Assistant Software – Voice Activated Software Linking Your Voice To Office Applications by Conita Technologies
  • Photo Software – Sharing and storing photographs on your computer via Easy Photo
  • TV Goes High Definition – HDMI
  • The First Earthquake and Hurricane Proof House – Ubuntu Blox Homes
  • Chiliad – The first big data company that enables users to search any data warehouse or data collection behind any application simultaneously