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GiveLove Featured In Huffington Post

GiveLove continues to work in Haiti which proves to be a hard place to create positive movement for the people. Patricia Arquette and team have not given up and as Auren Kaplan, the writer for the HuffPo explains, Patricia is not giving up and hopes to continue her efforts on a worldwide basis. 3 Years Later GiveLove Continues to Improve Sanitation in...

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GiveLove Teams Up With Haiti Partners

Here is a latest video that shows how GiveLove continues its efforts to team up with various organizations in Haiti to improve sanitation. Team Haiti explains the success of working with GiveLove. Note that many Haitians are very shy in front of the camera and do not normally help NGOs with PR. GiveLove continues to show Haitians that it is an organization that is on their side for their well being.   GiveLove Teams With Haiti...

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GiveLove Begins New Fundraising Effort

For those of you who want to see the epidemic of clean water and our sanitation issues worldwide GO AWAY,  please help GiveLove as it begins a new fundraising campaign.   GiveLove is currently combining forces with Habitat for Humanity and plans to continue more eco sanitation/humanure projects worldwide.  This video gives you a quick view of the work they are doing.   Here is the fundraising campaign information where GiveLove has been chosen to participate in the Startaryot Challenge where they hope to win $75,000.  ...

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