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Empowering You to Lead and Act With Your “Purpose”

Cathy Caplener, Founder and Principal, Be Cause PR

Cathy Caplener, Founder and Principal, Be Cause PR

I am a believer in people and feel that we all have a purpose.  Sometimes however we can’t see what our purpose is and need an advocate to help us take that pilot light that is simmering in our souls and turn it into a fire for social impact.  My imperative is to create a narrative for my clients by empowering them to see, believe, promote and ACT on their purpose.  When I promote a company or a product, my objective is to focus first on the purpose behind what is being launched.   We have been hearing how companies need to lead with their purpose more than ever.   We looked at the WHY behind their business model but now need to look at their HOW, how are they going to act on their purpose for the benefit of our world.   Welcome to PURPOSE RELATIONS — the new PR.

I have more than 20 years of experience working with global public relations agencies, Fortune 20+ companies, start-ups, thought leaders, disruptive innovators, and heretics.   I have a track record that shows how I have earned my miles by logging in numerous hours launching companies, individuals, and initiatives.  And more importantly, I am a business owner and entrepreneur who wakes up daily with a burning desire to help people and companies combine business with a social purpose.   I am passionate about corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, cause marketing, philanthropy, health and wellness, and disruptive technologies.

I lead with public relations, a profession that requires wearing many hats.  This is what I love about running Be Cause PR.  I help my clients with business strategy and development which includes branding, business and customer relationship management, image management, marketing, market analyst relations, social media strategy, sales, promotion, and strategic counsel.


The BCPR portfolio consists of companies that combine business with social purpose, celebrities who want to also be recognized as humanitarians behind a Cause, and entrepreneurs who believe that their idea will enhance and improve the way we live.


I have and continue to work with amazing people and companies in all industries.   I grew up in PR with leading global PR agencies such as Ketchum www.ketchum.com  and Burson-Marsteller www.bursonmarsteller.com.  Clients I have teamed up with include Adobe, America’s Cup, Bad Boy, Cisco, Compaq, HP, IBM, LA Gear, No Fear, SGI, Silicon Image, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Tibco and Women In Technology International (WITI).  Eight start-ups I worked with were acquired by Fortune 20 companies.  I have also worked with public figures including Patricia Arquette, Greg Louganis, and Toni Childs.

Industry First Launches

The following are launches I participated in or drove that were “game-changer”s that affected the way we work and live today:

  • The First True Portable Computer – The Poqet PC
  • Development Software in a Box for $99 – Borland C and Turbo Pascal
  • SGI’s First Annual Market Analyst Conference
  • Tennis Goes Graphite – Kennex Kinetic Technology
  • Reebok Is About Fitness – Reebok Aerobic Championships
  • Bad Boy –  Clothing Can Mean Good
  • Sun Microsystem’s First Annual Market Analyst Conference
  • Java is More Than Coffee – Java Programming Language
  • Robotics for the Masses – Surveyor Technologies
  • Personal Virtual Assistant Software – Voice Activated Software Linking Your Voice To Office Applications by Conita Technologies
  • Photo Software – Sharing and storing photographs on your computer via Easy Photo
  • TV Goes High Definition – HDMI
  • The First Earthquake and Hurricane Proof House – Ubuntu Blox Homes
  • GiveLove – The largest eco-sanitation non-profit in the world founded by Patricia Arquette and Rosetta Getty