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Teaming Up With Storytellers

Posted by on August 11, 2021 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

When I started the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign two years ago my main goal was to get a billboard up in every state before the 2020 election while filming a documentary. I wanted to hear what people thought and felt about how the words are or are not a part of their lives. I felt, and still do, that we need to come together around these words and help people in our country feel into their ENOUGHNESS and know that they are not alone when it comes time to feeling enough. One organization that gets this is #Upworthy. I met with them this week and they are going to help me with a multimedia campaign that features those of us who are running kindness campaigns on GoFundMe. My tribe may finally get big enough to get billboards up all around the country. As I look for sponsors to work with I am grateful that Upworthy has decided to team up with me to spread these words in an effort to unify our country. It is time!

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