Health Technology Is Helping Us Connect With Ourselves and Others For Mental Wellbeing

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In the next decade, notions of inner strength, privacy and community will redefine wellness. Mental, philosophical and moral perseverance will be key qualities to develop as part of our wellness routine as we are confronted with unstable socio-political times while also facing the technological and scientific tipping points of the 4th industrial revolution.

Through emotionally intelligent AI, epigenetics and bio-tech, notions of health, happiness and the fundamentals of being human will be forever changed. Wellness is our era’s catalyst. It is the mirror projecting onto us all that the future can offer us and take away from us, with environmental and technological challenges never seen before.   Many companies in the health tech space get that they need to create apps/digital products that change the way people look at, deal with and take control of their wellbeing.

Depression, anxiety and mental illness is being discussed more often now in the open whilst self-care apps will continue as a form of companionship.   I love this company BioBeats and what they are doing to help employees better understand what is causing them anxiety and depression during or after their workdays.  BioBeats’s current remit is to provide psychological and physiological intelligence that can support organizations in tracking the wellbeing of their workforce in real-time and to help them foster mental wellbeing.

I believe that if companies work on providing digital applications that help us learn how to be more aware of what is causing mental health issues in real time that we are going to see more people learning to BE WITH and love SELF and hopefully get off the meds that doctors keep throwing at us in order to numb out to our lives that we can learn to manage.

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