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Forbes Health Care Predictions For 2019

Posted by on March 14, 2019 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments


Healthcare technology predictions by Forbes is no surprise. In 2019, health care information technology (HIT) in the U.S. will continue to be transformed by external forces from around the world. To be honest, the whole of health care is feeling the pain of this evolution, and there are challenges that need to be met head-on.

I believe we need to have more patience with healthcare technology and understand that AI, the transition from data centers to the cloud are not going to happen overnight, and cyber security attacks are going to continue to accelerate, especially as electronic medical records are on the ride. The fact that health care is going mobile will be good for the industry since 1 in 5 American adults only use their cell phones are internet users. Sure, we are seeing some instant gratification with health going more digital. But this will be a process. hashtaghealthare hashtagdigtalhealthcare hashtagAI hashtagelectronicmedialrecords

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