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A note from the GiveLove and Protectors Alliance causes who have been working tirelessly over the past month to make sure that the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe in North Dakota is set for the winter with a proper sanitation solution that will be sustainable, save the tribe thousands of dollars, and of course, help keep their land healthy as well.   Here is a note from the causes.    They are in fundraising mode to build the toilets before the harsh winter sets upon the tribe’s land.   If you can help please go to this link to help out.

We are racing against time to raise funds. Our goal is to complete construction of compost toilets and treatment facilities at Standing Rock for thousands of Water Protectors, and their allies, as the snow and freezing weather arrives.

The Standing Rock Compost Toilet project is a partnership between Protectors Alliance (, GiveLove ( founded by Patricia Arquette, and Native Children’s Survival (, founded by Robby Romero, in direct partnership with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.

This project was identified by all parties as a key necessity to support the camp throughout the winter. The project also supports the long-term survival of the Standing Rock indigenous movement to protect tribal lands and water.

Currently the camp is dependent on chemical toilets to meet its sanitation needs, however these toilets will not function in the cold winter months because they will freeze unless harmful environmental pollutants are added. The portable toilets are also exorbitantly expensive to maintain.

The Standing Rock Compost Toilet project is also being considered as a pilot project, to address long-term sustainability goals aimed at improving basic sanitation conditions on Native American reservations, as part of our combined commitment to introduce ecologically-sound technologies and systems.

Standing Rock leadership has directed Give Love and Protectors Alliance to continue with the Composting Toilet project even in light of the recent threats from Army Corps of Engineers. Standing Rock will stand its ground on December 5, and if the protestors are moved, the Standing Rock Composting Toilets will move too. Now that the plan is clear, we are moving into the next phase of this project and  we can begin installing the compost toilet structures throughout the camp.

Protectors Alliance is coordinating skilled workers from the festival industry to complete the installation onsite . GiveLove’s technical team will teach people at Standing Rock to use and manage the compost toilets and establish a fully functional compost treatment site.

100% of your donations will be channeled through ( a U.S. registered 501 c 3 organization), and go directly to this project at Standing Rock. All donations are fully tax deductible to American citizens.

The Standing Rock Compost Toilet fund will cover material costs to:

– build the compost toilets
– cover materials and construction of heated winter structures which will house the toilets
– establish a separate compost site facility
– transport the waste transport to this compost site
– treat and manage the compost system for a 6 month period, until it is self sufficent

Thank you for supporting this critical and urgent project. Your donation will provide a functional winter sanitation system, and assist the reservation with long-term sustainability goals.

Together we stand with Standing Rock!

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