Patricia Arquette Teams Up With Women In Technology International With Mother Jones Interview

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Excited about getting Patricia Arquette and Women In Technology International (WITI) in the magazine, Mother Jones where Arquette discusses issues around equality for women, and other areas that women are not supported or educated about such as their rights and support after being raped, the amount of women who are being trafficked, diversity issues in the workplace, and how many companies, especially those in high technology, are meeting “the hiring numbers” they need to to reach annually versus hiring the right person for the right job.  This is a key point that WITI makes and continues to educate its client base and sponsors about how corporate America is just plain getting it wrong with their hiring practices.
This interview was done at the 22nd Annual Women In Technology International Summit held in June. I am a little late sharing it.
Women need to know what their rights are. And Patricia really empowered the women at the Summit and got their eyes open so that they could take action.

I am also pleased to see how two clients can work together for a cause and effect.

Thank you Patricia and WITI for your continued support and belief in how women are making a difference in our world.

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