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Now Is The Perfect Time For Our Generation To Share Their Purpose For Cause and Effect – BIG TIME!

Posted by on October 24, 2016 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments


We have never had a generation like the one we have today. We have the ability to travel around the world in the wink of an eye, make money, and even go to space. We need to recognize how much power is in our hands and how powerful we are as a ONE. We also need to realize how it is easy for us to not truly utilize what we have.

Worldwide we have wars, poverty, environmental issues, lack of proper education, homelessness, violence, and starvation. These issues are only the tipping point of what is going on wrong in our world.

We do not have the luxury not to pay attention to these issues and engage in a normal life. Our country and others need to look into causes that they can and want to help. We need to engage in our world’s issues and go against the grain. It is easy to go with the flow and feel bad about all of these things that are happening in our world. But we can’t be numb. We can’t sit still and think that someone else will jump in and help heal our world and people like Cole. We need to embrace our world. In other words, we do not have the luxury to not care.

We are a global community and closer to one another more than ever before. Let’s challenge others to do more. Joining a cause, volunteering at organizations, being the lynchpin in your company that builds tribes to help your company give back with its brand and corporate citizenship. Get that purpose that is in your heart out there and share it and ask yourself, what can my life do for others and this world? What can you accomplish? Feel that purpose and cause. It’s there.

Our new generation is engaged in purpose and wants to see, feel, engage, and leverage purpose in their life. And all of us need to see that there are right and wrong ways to see issues and that yes, we can solve these issues with action while also paying attention to what is going on in our world that is wrong.

Seeing healthy development makes such a difference. Helping people can be complicated. You need to see how your ripple effects can cause change. It is not only about giving money to a cause. We have seen big messes with this. We never truly know what happens to that money and who is affected.

I do not want this post to be about how our new generation is the one that is going to change the world. Now is the time to take advantage of the tools, technology, and awareness that is at our fingertips to help us help so many people. And most importantly, a lot of us are waking up and seeing and feeling that we are needed and that our purpose is what will change the world.

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